There are a lot of people that think they can’t grow flowers. They assume that they don’t have a green thumb. But here’s the thing, you can easily grow flowers if you know what to grow. In fact, the following are just some of the easiest options to pursue, especially if you are looking at growing just about any garden area you may be working with. These are the top 10 easiest flowers to grow in your garden, assuming general geography, sunlight, and simplified elements overall.


One option that you may be able to grow, and something that is not that difficult is that of sunflowers. Now, these are large flowers, and they bloom in the summer months. They attract insects, birds, and other wildlife with ease, and it’s not hard to get these growing. They can grow in a lot of soil types, just don’t flood them when watering. They need a great deal of sunlight, and they require a little bit of support when they are growing, but once fully mature, you’ll find that these flowers are amazing to look at.


These flowers bloom in different colors, but they are often in a reddish orange hue. They are a flower that is shaped like a daisy, and attracts many different species of butterfly. This works well in soft, drained soil, and requires a great deal of sun, and some good irrigation. It blooms mainly in the summer, and has a great shape, contrast, and colorful bloom to it. These are easy to work with, and can come in a variety of shapes, but mostly will come out like daisies.


Another great and easy flower to work with is that of marigolds. These are golden and yellow and can be slightly mixed in color, and bloom very well in any garden. They work well in dry or drained soils, and bloom in 3 seasons, making it a great option to have in your garden. Planting these will also come with a great option to help with the repelling of mosquitoes in the summer. That’s right, you can repel the pest, and you can grow these flowers from a seed or replant them if you purchase them from a nursery near you.


One of the simplest flower types that you can work with has a fancy name, and yet they don’t look that fancy, until they bloom. These are soft flowers that open up wide, and have a pink, purple, and orange color to their hues. They bloom in 3 different seasons, help repel mosquitoes, and grow in nearly all types of soils. It requires a great deal of sunlight, and some good water, just don’t flood them. They open up and grow fast, and bloom with a bright orange center point and colorful elements across the bloom.

Morning Glories

In the late summer and through the start of fall, you can get a variety of colors that come through with morning glories. These flowers can range from white to blue, and they are easy to plant, and work with many types of soil. These attract small birds and butterflies, and they are easy to work with if you water lightly. You’ll need to ensure that they have a great deal of sunlight, and they will definitely grow well. They self-sow, so make sure that you understand they need a little space to work with overall.

Sweet Peas

Don’t let the name fool you, this is not anything like the vegetable that comes in a pod. This is something that is specific to the flower world, and it’s quite interesting to see. They come in blue, red, white, and even pink with purple. These flowers are not too difficult to get started. You do need to ensure that they are well watered, and have great sunlight. They will need a little support while growing, but once they bloom, they will have a great scent to them, and will be quite nice to see in a garden.


Another flower you definitely want to think about is this one. The name is a little odd to some, but when you see the cream and orange colors that come through, you’ll find this to be a great solution to pursue. This option grows fast, and blooms throughout the year, from May to September to be exact. Some experts will regale this plant because you can use the flower to infuse butter and cooking options. With a good deal of sun, and a well drained soil, you can have these amazing quick growing colorful flowers in your garden, fast.


These flowers bloom during two major seasons, and they are available in nearly all major nurseries. They are known for their wide variety of colors, and they can grow in a lot of soil types. They also attract some alluring butterflies, and can bloom in full sunlight or even with some partial shade. They do need constant watering, and a heat index that doesn’t get too hot, but other than that, these are versatile flowers that bring about a great deal of benefits for those that want a diverse garden flower.


This annual option is a little bit different than the others on this list, but they are great starter flowers for those that are working with gardening. They grow in a variety of colors including white, violet, and even red. They are mixed in colors, and provide a beautiful array of contrast. They need a great deal of watering, and they need to have a lot of sunlight, but with well-drained soil, and some good attention, you’ll find that this can grow from seed to flower fast.

Wax Begonias

Another great annual plan that you will want to explore, and perhaps one of the best options for those that love orange, red, and yellow, this flower blooms in two seasons and creates a nice smooth look for many soil types. You’ll need to water this plant often, but without soaking the soil, and you’ll want to have a mix of sun and shade. They grow fast, and create an illustrious cluster of reds and other flowers. If you’re looking at creating flower beds, these are great, and can be transitional for many.

There you have it, a top 10 of easy flowers that you can plant today, even if you’re not great at gardening.