When it comes to having a tool shed, you will want to actually put in a lot of tools. Why have space if you’re not going to use it for a good purpose? Whether you’re into gardening or you want to work with DIY construction and maintenance, there are a few things that you will want to have in your shed for the future. The following are just some of the best tools that you’ll want to have around, especially if you have a sizeable shed to work with. These are more akin to gardening and yard work, then just purely maintenance, but it can still work out well for other needs too.


The first major option that should be in place is that of shovels. You should have several shovels, including some that are larger than others, and some that are pointed. You want to make sure that you are able to dig, break apart roots, and do a great number of different tasks with just one tool, and a shovel is one of those tools that can definitely work well with just about any job you have on your mind in terms of gardening.


Another great tool for cutting through soil and spreading different solutions is that of spades. A good set of spades can help you get close to small garden areas. You’ll be able to get through densest soils, clay, and much more. Spades come in a variety of sizes, much like shovels. Having a good variety of spades will let you work well with a variety of different projects in your garden.


You may think that this is a rudimentary solution, and in some ways it is, but it’s an iconic option that works very well for a number of reasons. Having a fork is going to help you with many jobs, including breaking into tough soil, and working with compost piles, as well as other options overall. Forks and spades are interchangeable at times, but the big thing here is that you will want to use these to break up different elements together.


When you’re dealing with seasonal changes, you will no doubt want to pursue the option of working with a rake. This is a great option, especially during the fall. During the fall months, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re able to rake compost into piles, get leaves together, and do a lot of great work with relative ease. You want to have a steel-headed option here, and it’s going to help you get the most out of your garden, pull a bit on weeds, and help with simplicity. Rakes are easy to use, and one of the standards of gardening today, and of course, in the future.

The Dutch Hoe

Moving along, you’ll want to look into getting a Dutch hoe. This is a strong tool that many gardeners use to move dirt, break apart weeds, and push a great deal of hills for seedlings. This can work with simple weeding, and pushing different areas a bit. It’s something so simple, and yet so versatile in many ways.

The Wheelbarrow

Speaking of traditional gardening and maintenance tools, you’ll find that you can easily work with what is known as a wheelbarrow. You’ve seen these many times, and these are great for carrying things, transporting soil, dealing with cargo and so much more. These are great for construction, gardening, and various different projects that you will have in and out of your home. These are common in nearly all major maintenance options, and jobs that you can think of, including gardening today. This is a versatile solution that is definitely worth having around.

Small and Large Trowel

As you get more experience with gardening, you’re going to want to look into purchasing a trowel, or two. These are great for digging holes quickly and will help you with planting several different types of plants, vegetables, and flowers. Trowels are great for planting, as they have a smooth handle and can work with your hand and a little bit of muscle. You can purchase larger solutions if you’d like, and each one helps you to create the garden that you’ve always wanted.

Watering Supplies

There’s a few watering solutions that you will need to look into purchasing. Two main options include a watering can, which can help you water your plants and garden with ease, and a hose. You should buy a hose with a specific attachment that will help with watering, not flooding your plants. You want to sparingly push forward with water, and not flood areas that have soil and seeds. If you put too much water in place, you will end up diminishing the returns that you want in terms of gardening, that’s for sure.

Gardening Sheers

Some of the best things you can have includes sheers. Having gardening sheers will help you cut through large branches, trim hedges, and assist with pruning here and there. You don’t need to have the largest pairs here, you just need to have some that are a bit larger than your average scissors, and that will help you with the project that you have in mind.

Gardening Gloves

Perhaps the thing that is going to help you keep your hands safe and sound is that of a good pair of gardening gloves. You’re going to be digging into the dirt, and will be pulling weeds and much more. You don’t want to risk getting cut, or having to deal with a variety of problems associated with elements that you can find in the soil, including rocks, glass, and more.

At the end of the day, you’re going to find that your shed is a great place to store tools of all types. The above options are just some of the things that you will want to have in place, as they are going to help you get your gardening needs taken care of with relative ease. It’s something grand to look into.