If you’re going to be working in the garden at any level, you’re going to need to work with a variety of different tools to help you. You can get away with a few simple things, but if you want to make sure that you’re working at an expert level, you’re going to need to look into the following top tools that every gardening enthusiast is going to want to have. The following options are broken down into hand tools, long tools, and protection. These are going to help you garner a great deal of success, and will help you with planting small things or creating a large garden on your property. Either way, it’s going to be with the following tools that you will be able to gain traction with nearly any type of gardening idea you may have on your mind.

A Strong Hand Rake

The first thing that you should look for is simple, look for a good hand rake to use. This is a strong solution that will help you remove debris and push around roots and dirt with your hand. If you are getting into a tight spot. This is a small tool but can be very good for working gently or breaking up sand, dirt and more around the area that you’re working with.

Watering Tool (water breaker)

You don’t want to just spray a ton of water on your plants or garden. You want to make it a little more gentle, which is why you will want to purchase a water breaker, which helps with irrigation and assistance with watering plants with relative ease. This is a simple attachment that you can put on a hose.

Hori Hori aka The Japanese Knife For Gardening

This is an interesting solution that is going to surprise many people. This is a solution that is used by many gardeners because it has a very good versatility to it. It can help with digging in hard dirt or clay, can help with weeding, and has a small blade to cut branches and other small elements. This is a tool that is inexpensive and works well for doing roughly 5 jobs, all with one simple hand tool.

Trimming Shears

These are strong scissors that are meant to help you with cutting through thick branches, leaves, hedges, and much more. Trimming grasses, edging along gardens, and creating a soft touch while still cutting with precision, you’ll find that shears are very good at handling most jobs that you may want to get done. It’s a simple solution that you will no doubt want to have in your arsenal of garden tools.

Gardening Scissors

Unlike shears, you’re going to want to have a good pair of gardening scissors. These are soft handled options that are easy to work with, are meant to help with cutting stems, clean up branches, and more. The scissors have a spring on them and are easy to use in tight spots, and can cut through even the toughest of small branches with precision and ease.



Getting rid of weeds is going to be one o the main functions that you will want to look into. This is a thin blade option that lets you dig around plants, and pull roots without having to do too much work. This is a small tool that has a great deal of functionality, and it works very well in tight spots, as well as with many types of soil options. From hard soils to clay, to sand, you’ll want to have this weeder handy to get rid of roots and weeds that are no doubt going to come up while you try to keep a good garden in place.

Long Pruner

The next major tool that you want to work with is that of a pruner. This is a long pruner that has a great deal of focus on being lightweight, and yet easy to reach across large branches. The goal of this tool is to get past those pesky branches that are almost an inch thick and larger. Look for solutions that can give you upwards of 31 inches of extra reach, and you’ll have a great tool for handling trees and other plants that can grow quite tall. Forget using a ladder, this is going to help you garner a great deal of success.

A Good Shovel

There are a lot of different types of shovels that you can invest in. Visit a local hardware store and you’ll find that you can purchase many types of shovels, but the best one for gardening may be the round-headed solution. This can help with digging holes, planting trees, and breaking up compost. This is a strong style shovel and can seem very rudimentary in shape, but it’s truly one of the best options that you can pursue overall.



Much like the poker card, you’ll want to have spades around. This is a solution that has a spade at the head, and it’s mainly meant to help you with replanting. When you have a potted plant, you’ll want to use this tool to help you give the plant you’re working with new life. You’ll be replotting a plant, and you’ll want to spread dirt, mulch, sand, and anything else that you’d like across the new area. A transplant spade is a great option to work with.

A Strong Fork For Digging

Perhaps one of the best tools that you will want to work with is that of a digging fork. This is a fork that is meant to help break up heavy soil, and will help with dividing roots and spreading clay alongside other hard soil options. You want a fork that has a heavy duty handle, and something that is going to help you clear up soil, and break up clods fast. Whether you’re trying to plant a garden, flowers, or something else, you’ll find that this is a great tool to have ready.

As you can see, there are a lot of different solutions that you can pursue. These will help you get forward progress with your garden, guaranteed.