Getting a perfect lawn is not as easy as it may seem. Sure, you could very well start with a great lawn after purchasing a house, but what about maintaining it? There’s a lot more to this than just watering and making sure that you are able to keep things in order. Getting your lawn to look great requires you to mow your lawn in a certain way to ensure that it continues to grow, look green, and doesn’t start to break down or turn brown. In order to get the most out of your mowing experience, take into consideration the following techniques that will help you garner a bit of success for your lawn.

What Kind of Grass Do You Have?

Before you can start with mowing tips or anything that is going to affect your lawn, you need to know what kind of grass you have. Different grass types are going to change how you mow, how you add fertilizer, and how you maintain your grassy areas for the life of your lawn. If you are not sure what kind of grass you have, take into consideration that there are a few grass types that you can deal with.

The most common solutions involve cool season and warm season solutions. The main differences here is that some grasses grow well during the times when temperatures rise and some work well in cooler temperatures. Now, depending on the grass type that you have, you’ll note that you will only have to mow a few times during their growth cycles. During slower growth cycles, or off season, you’ll be able to clear things up with relative ease. Mowing once or twice a week during peak growth times is critical overall. Remember that as you progress with the following tips.

Sharpen The Blades

One factor that you will need to remind yourself about is the sharpness of your blades. You will need to ensure that your mower blades are not dulling, and are 100% sharp and easy to work with. The goal here is to mow your lawn with cuts, not pulls. When you have blades that are a bit dull, you will be pulling grass out, and that causes problems overall. You do not want to have dull blades, simple as that.

The Height Will Tell You A Bit of Information

It’s easy to set a calendar that will tell you when to mow your lawn, and when to work with certain details. However, that’s not always effective when dealing with a good lawn. To ensure that you’re able to get the best solution, and maximize growth solutions, you’ll need to take into consideration the growth of your grass and the height at which it gets.

You’ll need to know your grass type, and then decide how high you want the blades to be overall. When you have an optimum level, you will want to maintain it to be at that length all the time. That’s why a calendar is not the best option to proceed with, you may mow every Monday and Friday, but if the growth isn’t going up, you are going to be cutting down too low. To that degree, make sure that you focus on mowing based on heights of growth. A good rule of thumb here is to look into mowing in Springtime, after the grass has grown more than 1/3 the optimal height for the type you have, and mow it at the same ratio until it goes dormant.

Mow In A Variety of Patterns

For the purpose of effective mowing, you will need to make sure that you work with a variety of different patterns. Do not isolate your mowing in “one” type of movement. Many people assume that you just have to do the same thing every time, and that’s it. That’s not a good way to maintain your lawn’s growth cycles, and it could actually cause your grass to compact, and create ruts. You don’t want to rip your grass out, and you don’t want to create ruts that will leave your lawn patchy and difficult to manage in the long term.

Wait For A Dry Day

It’s imperative that you do not mow your lawn when it’s wet. It’s tricky to deal with, but when your grass is wet, the blades will become uneven as you cut things. Not only that, it’s a great way to clog up your mower, and cause a serious problem with safety and more. It can also mat the grassy areas which is not ideal for growth potential of your lawn.

Using Overlaps

Another great tip that you will want to look into is getting a good overlapping pattern when you’re mowing your lawn. You’ll want to work with roughly 3 inches of space regarding an overlap, and that will help you get an even cut, and simplified blade usage, without scalping your lawn at all. This is critical because you want to ensure that you have even cut across your lawn, as that will help your growth potential moving forward.

Be Patient With The Cycles

People become impatient about mowing, or neglect to consider a schedule that involves the growth of grassy areas. Your goal is not just to have a clear lawn, you want to make sure that you are patient, work with the cycles of growth, and keep in mind that your lawn is going to take a little bit of effort to get movement. If you want to maximize your growth, you need to keep checking the length of the blades and mow based on the length that you want to have in place. Done correctly, you’re going to end up with a good, green, beautifully manicured lawn.

Remember, the tips above are just some ideas that will help you get the best lawn in your neighborhood. These things don’t dismiss the fact that you need to have proper nutrition, watering, and more. Take your time to learn what type of grass you have, and how to effectively mow, clean, cut, and more.