When you plant a garden, you want to make sure that you are putting together some great set pieces for growth. Besides the growth of flowers, greens, and much more, you may want to look into attracting wildlife. This is a good thing, especially if you want to help your local ecosystem. By inviting these creatures into your garden, you’re going to find that there’s a great deal of diversity that you can see in your garden, and can enjoy the survival of the natural elements in your area. Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to be attracting extremes, but rather, things that could help your bottom line overall. With that in mind, take into account a few simple ways that you can ensure that you’re attracting wildlife in your garden today. Assuming that you have your garden setup and you are working towards getting things growing, these steps are going to help you engage with the local wildlife and will deliver positive results, guaranteed.

The Power of Nesting Boxes

The first option that you will want to work with is that of nesting boxes. This is a solution that can be easy to place around your garden. These are simple boxes that birds know to fly to in order to breed and nest. This is a sheltered location that will help you get a bit of an extra visual when birds flock to your area and will have eggs etc. You want to do this before the spring season is in full swing, as this will ensure that you are attracting small birds to come through. Nesting boxes are easy to make, or even purchase, and can make the visual design flow of your garden area look great as well.

Look For Native Trees To Plant

Focus on looking into local nurseries and greenhouses. Seek out native plants and trees that you can place around your home and garden. The reason for this is because local vegetation can provide a space for a variety of localized wildlife to come through. Many insects, birds, and other wildlife love specific leaves, bark, and fruit, so if you can get something planted that is somewhat simple, and localized, you will be attracting more wildlife and ensuring that you get a great habitat flowing through your home. Trees can really help with nesting, and attraction of different types of animals, including squirrels, and more. This is a great solution, and of course, over time, can blossom and grow into large trees, depending on the option you choose, and the location that you decide to plant them in.

Try To Grow Hedges

You don’t need to grow large hedges to get the advantages of having these in place. In fact, you’re going to find that a good hedge, of any size, can help you bring about a lot of simple birds and insects to your gardening areas. You want to look for specific hedge plants that are common in your area. Some great options include buckthorn, cherry plum, and even privet. However, you may have options in your area that are specific to the geography that you’re in. Either way, hedges provide a great place for insects, birds, and small animals to hide and play in and around. You don’t need to go large here, mind you, you can have something small, some shrubs here and there, and it will work just fine for what you want them to do.

Use Flowers To Your Advantage

Another great option that you will want to pursue is the use of wildflowers. Flowers are great, and getting these planted in different areas of your garden and yard is going to bring about a lot of insects, including butterflies. You can also attract non-stinging bees, which help with pollination and more. You want to seek out flowers that are native to the geography that you’re in, as well as wildflowers that do well in the climate that your city is at. By focusing on these things, you’re going to end up with a positive push in terms of getting wildlife coming to your garden. When picking flowers to plant, make absolutely sure that you do not get options that grow within one stem. Two flowers on a stem will not be the same as wildflowers with specific flowering elements per stem. That’s a big thing to consider when looking at this option for your garden areas.

Wilderness Emulation

Experts in gardening will discuss options that you can pursue, including the idea of emulating a wilderness area. You could, for instance, make sure that you are putting certain elements in place, including dead wood, shrews, and other grassy, mossy options. These will encourage foragers, insects like beetles, and small mammals that like the grassy areas as well as the dead wood solutions that bring about a great deal of insects. This is a great solution to work with and can help you with the process of ushering in a great deal of wildlife to your garden areas.

Bird Feeders Work Wonders

Perhaps one of the easiest options that you will want to consider is that of bird feeders. Feeders are great to work with because you’ll be able to put these up in various areas and get birds to flock to your home. Place bird feeders in more areas than just the garden, and watch what species can come through and take a little break from flying around, to eat. You could always add some water features too, especially a bird feeder with water and seeds, which is always a nice combination. This will, of course, attract a variety of different birds, depending on what type of food that you want to leave out. You could also put scrap foods out, and that can attract certain birds as well.

With the various things that you can focus on to get your garden more attention overall, you’ll be able to definitely get forward progress with ease. The above are just some of the best options that you can work with. Test out each one and see what works best for your needs.