How The UK Plans To Generate More Green Energy

It is not just individuals that are going green and generating energy across various landscapes. In fact, you’re going to find that there are whole countries that are starting to work with energy. As nations come together to help with energy, you’re going to find that there are some projects that speak volumes about the commitment that some regions of the world have for energy. If you’re not sure about what is going on around the world, or perhaps you’re seeking information about what is going on, the following will help you highlight some of the best things. For instance, you’re going to find that the UK is doing something grand. The UK is planning to generate a lot of green energy, and have pledged to create a lot of solutions. It’s not just big companies that are going green either, the governments of certain areas are pushing the legislature to garner a great deal of success. With that in mind, take a look at some of the plans that the UK are pushing right now to generate green energy today.

Harnessing The Ocean’s Waves

One of the biggest thing that you are going to find within the UK is the power that is being pushed through the tides. In the UK, the geography has allowed for a great differential of energy. To the point that the area has one of the most fluid tidal range that helps with creating high and low tides for the purpose of surfing and energy. One option that is being worked on right now is the Tidal Lagoon. This is a solution that is harnessing the waves and the tidal potential that comes through the ocean and different spots in the area, which will generate power to more than 150,000 homes. That’s right, the UK is harnessing the ocean’s waves for electricity, and it’s already working. The project is still on going, and the plan is to go with larger turbines to create more power.

Turbines For More Energy (Water)

Kepler Energy is not a name that many people know, but it’s one of the names that you are going to want to know about. Why? Because they have been working on creating turbines that can harness the ocean’s waves much like the UK is doing with the Tidal Lagoon. With this solution, they are looking to work with wave solutions that are off the coast of various locales in the UK. The goal of Kepler Energy is to make sure to grow tidal energy throughout the UK today.

Pulling Electrical From The Air

The UK has committed a lot of effort to ensure that they produce more wind energy than ever before. To the point that there’s a collective that is trying to increase wind energy by more than 10% within the next couple of years. The UK has a lot of areas that get a lot of wind. Right now, they generate 5% of the national energy demand. There are currently more than 25 wind farms that are generating energy for the UK, and the goal is to increase that number by another 5% by 2020. That’s a big thing to work with, and something that will pay off dividends for the UK, and the environment as well.

The World’s Largest Wind Farm

Focusing again with air, and electricity, you’re going to find that there’s a lot to look forward to in terms of wind energy. Focusing on the Walney Extension is a project that is still getting worked on near Ireland, and it’s been touted as being the largest Wind Farm in the world. This option aims to build 90 turbines, and much more, and wants to help with the 10% national energy with wind. At present, there is ongoing construction, but it’s something that the UK is going to end up with a positive.



Moving along to the south coast of England, you’re going to find that there’s a turbine that was raised in 2017, and is getting ready for completion. The capacity of this wind farm is interesting in that it’s the first of its kind of the coast of England, and will help with raising that national energy element overall. The coast generates upwards of 400 MW, and to better understand that, you’ll find that the power generated from this solution can run up towards 300,000 homes overall. At present, the project is meant to get more than 100 turbines that can gain the power alongside the English Channel.

Biomass Options

Did you know that there’s a lot of attention being pushed into biomass? This is something that is somewhat natural, and it’s something that is easy to make into a power source, and it’s a lot better than other options, like coal. This option is something that is renewable overall, and helps with reducing carbon emissions, and promotes sustainable forestry, and so much more. The UK is producing a lot more energy through the use of biomass solutions, and it’s starting to fuel more than 50,000 homes at the time of this writing. It should also be known that biomass is not just isolated to one area, there are several areas in the UK that are getting this option, including several solutions in Kent, and Templeborough to name a few. Biomass is safe, easy to work with, and is getting a lot of steam in the UK right now.

These projects are just some of the options that the UK are doing well with. As a collective, the United Kingdom has been able to garner a lot of attention in terms of going green, especially in today’s modern times. You’ll find that there are few options that can compare to what the UK is doing to help raise their efficient energy, and much more. These are focused solutions that are prominent as of 2018 and are getting a lot of finishing touches. These are just some of the innovations and pushes forward the United Kingdom is getting involved with at the present. It’s a solid solution that the UK is working with and will no doubt meet their goals.